Monday, June 19, 2006

Verizon "no-dial-tone" DSL

Verizon now has dry "no-dialtone" DSL. It's approximately $5 per month more than their regular DSL but that's much less than keeping a telco line that you no longer want or use. The pricing is as follows:

3.0 mbps down $42.95 (with phone line is 37.99)
3.0 mbps down with 1 year contract $34.95 (with phone 29.99)
768 kbps down $22.95 (with phone 17.99)

Setup fee is $19.95. If currently have Verizon DSL, a 2 week outage will result when transitioning from "dial tone" service to "no dial tone" service since their provisioning systems can't handle anything but a full disconnect and a full new install on the new dry line. This should be improving in the future.


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